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Terrier Business Solutions helps Hospitals transform patient care, safety and rising cost challenges.

Through IoT platforms and video analytics we collect data feeds from multiple sources like patient care devices, admission process, doctors and staff movement within the hospital. This collected data and software is integrated in a centralized 24X7 Hospital Incident command center (HICC). HICC then monitors and establishes collaboration between departments. Real time operations is enabled ensuring aspects like stock visibility, patient occupancy, medication reminders, patient alerts, real time status of emergency ambulances etc.

Same innovation has been designed and implemented for the first time in India for a newly established 500 bedded Hospital in Raipur. it is expecting to treat 2 mn patients per year with total estimated footfalls to be around 10 mn annually. Without doubt such a large hospital needs round-the-clock safety & security of physicians, patients and support staff. It demands a “new” way to manage patient care at minimal incremental cost.

With digitally advanced services enabled by IoT enabled sensors, video analytics we empowered the hospital management the capability to reduce cost, enhance ROI and patient care experience.

Overview of Terrier's Healthcare Solution

The Challenges

Long waiting periods for patient admission and checkout

Coordinated disaster management & risk mitigation

Security & safety for patients, staff and visitors

Too much human dependency leading to unreliable patient care responses

No synchronization between various functions

Decreased efficiency of the staff.

Effective utilization of ambulance

Terrier's Solutions

Establish a central 24X7 Hospital Incident Command Centre (HICC), equipped with in-house storage and video analytics capabilities

Integrate all critical hubs and centralize the operations and services through HICC

Monitor progress and intervene when a potential issue is identified

Recommend standard operating procedures, process-based analytics and other intelligent output from the HICC

Dedicated resources to man the HICC

The Results


Reduction in operational cost


Reduction in slip-up of alerts


Increase in operational efficiency


Decrease in the patient wait time

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