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Terrier Security Solutions are making their presence felt at over 2000 customer facilities in 16 states, across India. Fortifying our operations are two important factors that have become our strengths – Strong Supervision and Remote Monitoring from our Global Command Center. Our Recruitment Process and Training Module is for the respective sectors and situations they are deployed in.

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Terrier has the capability to deploy fully-trained security personnel on-site, across India. It is our constant endeavour to deliver the highest quality of products and highest level of service to our prestigious clientele that includes Fortune 500 companies and technological giants. With over three decades of industry experience, you can trust us to deliver the right solution for your specific needs.

Services we provide at Terrier Security Services include

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Manned Guarding

In House Training

Consultancy Services

100 % Compliant

ISO Certified

Security Audits & Surveys

24*7 Toll-free Helpline

Remote Monitoring From Our Global Command Center

Quick Response Team

Sector Expertise












Events with Zero Undesired Eventuality!

Site Protection

Our well-trained security guards safe guard sites from any unforeseen circumstances

Perimeter Protection

Our meticulously designed Perimeter Protection ensures that no safety or security concern pops up at events

Electronic security

We provide a whole host of Electronic Security Devices like CCTV, HHMD, DFMD, Walkie-Talkie, Traffic baton etc

Event security planning & consulting

With our unparalleled experience and expertise, we plan every phase of event security to the minutest details

Crowd management

Our team is adept in Crowd control, Stampede Control and Media Response

Command center & analytics

We manage live events from our Command Center and use analytics to manage overcrowding & traffic violation

Traffic & parking management

We provide expert management of traffic, signage deployment, arrival & departure of guests

Help loss prevention

We help to reduce theft, breakage or wastage of any asset or resources at event

Emergency & crisis management

We offer QRT vehicles like Fire Brigade & Ambulance on standby, evacuation plan and emergency readiness plan

Executive protection and vip

We provide Escort Service Safeguard, close personal protection, VIP management & monitoring, vehicles and chauffeurs

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