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Terrier’s strong R&D team, with design and integration capabilities, uses innovative IoT and analytic solutions to transform our client’s business operations.

Some of our popular solutions are asset management, energy optimization, healthcare digitization, and retail ROI enhancement. With a single-minded passion for creating positive customer impact, we strive to deliver cutting-edge innovation, which helps our customers grow their revenue market share.


Asset Management

Inventory Management

Our Asset Management service includes Inventory Management that tracks and records materials consumption continuously. This data provides valuable insights about consumption patterns, helps predict and replenish your inventory in time, and detect and fix pilferages if any.

SeQure - Contactless, Covid Resistance Visitor Management Solution

Contactless Checkin

  • QR Code-based checking – Scan the QR code placed in the entry point and checkin using your device
  • OTP Validation – Validate your legitimacy with the OTP received on your mobile device
  • Digital Legal Documents – Sign the NDA documents with the dynamic content using eSign before submitting
  • Trace and Track – Easy to track the visitors in the future or whenever required as their details are securely saved in the Cloud

Energy Management

Give your organization the energy to keep going.

Our revolutionary predictive maintenance solutions have been designed to reduce breakdowns and increase the life of industrial assets. Our energy management system is an intelligent fault measuring sensor-agnostic gateway, powered by human knowledge and AI. It consists of a BI dashboard based on algorithms that help find issues in real-time and predict any possible breakdown. It also provides the end-user, a seamless asset and plant health check.

Fleet Management

Fleet management, made easy.

At Terrier, we provide efficient fleet management services, powered by advanced geo-tracking with route playback for your field workforce. This includes onboarding, managing schedules, assigning tasks and tracking the productivity of your team. We also have developed a user-friendly mobile app and cloud dashboard for your workforce and clients.

Integrated Security Solution

Our Integrated Security Solutions can meet the advanced security needs of today. Our solution provides 24X7 security coverage through its global command center, smart electronic surveillance, and real-time video analytics. We can meet your current and future needs, giving you a single service provider for all your security requirements, and a single system for managing all your sites.

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