Manufacturing Security Solutions


Terrier partners with Taiwan leading electronics manufacturer to implement state-of-the-art facial recognition cameras

The electronic and luxury phone manufacturing company of Taiwan with a manufacturing hub spread across 45 acres and proving employment to 10,000 people appoints Terrier Security Services for securing and monitoring the massive area and providing real-time proactive surveillance.

The Challenges

Safeguarding of manufacturing the hub from intruders as it is located in an isolated area

Round the clock monitoring of the facility without any blind spot

Frisking and Proper Security check for all employees

Strict monitoring of all vehicles within the premises

Monitoring critical areas of loading and unloading

Intellectual Property Rights safeguards-to avoid slippage of technologies used for manufacturing various products

Mandatorily following a set the procedure of manufacturing while products are within the assembly line & not carrying anything out of assembly lines/workshops, even from one internal area to the other

Monitoring access & granting access to some critical areas accessible to only a few  authorized employee

Terrier Intelligent security solution – Recognizing the risk situation before it happens

  • Complete protection of perimeter with Infrared Beam detectors that will minimize false alarms due to stray animals, canines, etc.
  • Special AI cameras are fitted at critical areas to prevent any pilferage at loading or unloading areas
  • Face Recognition System based authentication: Each employee must strictly go through facial authentication to enter the premises. Turnstiles, Facial readers and analytics authenticate to enter/exit and monitor each employee at every nook and corner inside the premises
  • Set up a Videowall to monitor the intruder or any unforeseen act happening within the premises with special Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Video Content Analytics.
  • The entire campus is monitored with 500+ IP cameras with real-time IP video analytics and 90 days continuous video storage back up.
  • Boom barriers clubbed with Vehicle monitoring cameras safeguards and prevents the entry of unauthorized vehicle within the premises.

The Results


Employees scanning through IP based Facial Recognition Cameras


Safeguarding of (IP)


IP cameras Proactive Monitoring and Alerts