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How we scored a winning
goal with the ISL (Indian Super League)!

A high profile event like the Indian Super League match featuring Bengaluru FC, which was expected to attract over 30,000 passionate spectators – required fail-proof security for the players, fans and VVIPs. As expected, the match turned the Sree Kanteerva Stadium into an epicenter of excitement, enthusiasm and pride for all football fans in the city.

We had the pleasure of being appointed by the JSW Bengaluru FC committee and the Sree Kanteerva Stadium Stadium for complete security and safety of the event, including the premises, people and assets.

We had only six days to plan entire the security arrangement, devise crowd management solution, emergency management plan, fire safety arrangement and loss prevention plan. To identify and mitigate potential threats, we first conducted surveys, Risk & Threat Analysis and planned every phase of event security. With meticulous planning – involving a structured security planning process – and rigorous implementation, we ensured a secure and safe environment to the visitors, in a very short duration.

The Challenges

Managing entry and exit points

Coordinating with the local administration

Controlling traffic

Averting incidents like stampede at the beginning and end of the match

Controlling unruly behavior

Providing special security for VVIPs and other high-profile guests

Terrier's Solutions

Conduct risk assessment and design security solution

Deploy guards, bouncers, security supervisor and dedicated assignment managers

Manage traffic and chaos but deploying trained traffic marshals

Advanced security equipments like metal detectors, trolley mirrors etc were deployed to help identify threat and restrict entry of unwanted materials

Crowd management solutions were implemented across all security gates

On-demand 24X7 CCTV surveillance, sniffer dogs for explosive detection is offered.

The Results

Zero gate crashing

VVIPs enjoyed the game without any apprehension about personal safety

Zero untoward incident

Sudden demand of additional guarding staff by the client was handled flawlessly

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