Companies are navigating towards remote supervision during this time of uncertainty.

At Terrier Security, we have an optimal mix of technology and trained manpower. We are a new-age, holistic, and integrated security solution provider with smart video analytic surveillance, apt for overcoming the COVID-19 crisis.

Terrier’s futuristic Global Command Centre provides a centralized platform that allows you to manage your site remotely with minimal personal contact.

We offer high-tech remote monitoring security services, powered by advanced CCTV transmission and recording technology. Our systems have been programmed to manage and respond to CCTV alarms generated from protected sites 24/7. Our trained security operators are available 24 hours a day to monitor your sites via CCTV. Blending talent and technology enables us to provide a service that is second to none. We also provide a wide range of services like Consultancy, Project Management, Commissioning, and Service Operations.

Fever Screening Thermographic Cameras

Fever Screening Thermographic Cameras are designed to detect elevated skin-surface temperature and can be used for quick preliminary fever screening without any human intervention. Any object with a temperature above zero emits a detectable amount of radiation.

The thermal camera converts IR radiations into gray value and establishes the accurate corresponding relation between gray value and temperature through the temperature measurement algorithm model. It is well known that one major symptom of a virus infection is fever. Therefore, a thermal camera with high temperature accuracy can detect elevated body temperature and can be used to make the preliminary screening. It is advisable to install thermal cameras at places with long queues and huge gatherings.

Online Training Modules

Our online training module offers a variety of opportunities for security associates to stay up-to-date with the changing environment in the industry post-COVID-19. This course introduces associates to emergency response procedures, and new norms to be carried out in the COVID-19 environment. The course manuals are available for download for permanent reference, and the course is self-paced.

Sterifumigation Disinfestation Treatment

We offer sterifumigation disinfestation treatment to sanitize the workplace for the safety of your employees and customers. We can help you:

  • Adopt smart cleaning solutions that help you remotely monitor on-ground requirements.
  • Automate daily processes to exercise minimal personal interaction or touchpoints when servicing.
  • Ramp up cleaning, proactively disinfect doorknobs, desks, and other high-touch areas.
  • Create sterifumagation disinfestation kiosks at the entry points to manage sanitization.

SeQure - Visitor & Vendor Management

SeQure allows you to track and manage the entry and exit of visitors, vendors, contractors, and service providers. Its QR code-based check-in feature enables you to reduce surface contact to the minimum. This feature provides visitors an alternate solution to check-in smartly—scan the QR code and check-in from your mobile. When experts recommend social distancing as a crucial factor in limiting the spread of COVID-19, you can adopt smart measures to follow the same in a tech-enabled world.

Safecam – AI-led hygiene tracking system

Terrier offers Safecam, a full suite, plug-and-play tracking solution that can be integrated with existing IP/RTSP cameras. Once connected and installed, it can effectively monitor the adherence of social distancing, wearing face masks and PPE, and other safety protocols using AI technology.

The analysed visual data is delivered in real-time to the Safecam app via notifications or as an email to specified recipients.

This AI-led solution can be used across businesses in the hospitality, retail, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical sectors. To know more, get in touch today.

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