Airport Security Services


International airport partners with Terrier to manage their security, facility governance and alert monitoring system

With thousands of flights every year and millions of travelers transiting, managing International Airport safety, security and on-ground facility with no interruption can be a daunting task.

Customer Challenges

  • Fragmented ecosystem of service provider creating low accountability
  • Increased cost, risk, weak governance and safety system
  • Frustrating passenger experience with obsolete practices
  • Reactive system and process to manage security, facility and energy management
  • Lacked real-time alerts and risk mitigation mechanism
  • Unreliable, inconsistency and lack of standardization of service provider

Terrier's Solutions

Technology and command center enabled fire control system. Maintaining the firefighting system to be in the ready state and 24X7 readiness of high- capacity water pumps. This is enabled by sensor and analytics

Electronic surveillance – IP based CCTV surveillance system for on-going monitoring of the premise and real-time risk mitigation 

Intelligent Parking Management– Advance equipment Like Bollards, Tyre killers, under vehicle scanning system, automated fee collection and LED displays providing passenger parking position

24×7 Quick Response Team services

Remote Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC) management system with built-in alerts for effective energy management

Consolidation at a governance level of housekeeping and landscaping

The Results

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Vehicle Screening

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Team assistance


Proactive Incident handling

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24X7 e-surveillance


Real-time risk mitigation